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  • Break-Away Magic Wand de Luxe, specially made for PjerrotMagic by Per Clausen, is simply the best on the market. The Rolls Royce model among break-away wands. It's great looking, is incredibly easy to operate and lasts for today's "well-behaved and careful" children. You will love such a quality...

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  • Show a WHITE poker ship on your fingers. Cover the chip a moment, and the chip har changed to BLACK! Read it again. Cover the chip an in a second it is back to WHITE. Everyone thinks the poker ship is white on one side and black on the other.Put the chip in the spectators hand and ask him which side is up. Whatever he say he....

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  • You precent five cards with the ESP symbols (circle, cross, wavy lines, square and star) and ask the spectator to choose one of the cards. The chosen card is placed on the table with the back upwards. Then you show three chips - and clearly let the audience know and see that they all are white on both sides. The spectator chooses one....

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  • Holey Chisp Miracle: Three chips are shown on both sides. Two black and one white. The white has a hole in the middle: THE HOLEY CHIP. With one of the black plus the holey white you do a lot of transposition by using a special black/white card. You can even have the spectator to cover the black chip with his hand and you cover the holey white with the...

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  • Doing magic is like a traffic light. Sometimes people say "STOP" like a red light. To illustrate this a red chip is shown. But sometimes people want to "WAIT", like the yellow light. And the chip change colour in the magician's hand. The chip is then placed in the spectators closed hands and when he realise that magic takes place...

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items