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We offer you a super fun and magic game for this Christmas, where after a fun situation with Santa Claus of different colors appear the Magi in an unexpected way by the public is commented to the children that Santa Claus in its origin It was green but with the passing of time his favorite outfit was red.

But have you ever seen Santa Claus of another color? Here I have the drawings where Santa Claus was trying outfits until he stayed with the red. 

brings to view 8 jumbo size cards and samples to the public, in each letter you see a Santa Claus with a different color suit, blue, green, pink, yellow ...

Once shown the letters "... with these Santa Claus we will perform a game of magic very, very ... difficult ... but I have to promise to keep silent ..." 

"..." "To make the game I need a volunteer ..."

It asks for the collaboration of a person of the public, you take a Santa Claus, for example that of the red suit, is shown to the public and is kept inside an envelope and delivered to the Spectator assistant without being seen by this one. 

At this point the public knows that the Santa Claus that is inside the envelope is that of the red robe, but the Spectator assistant who holds the envelope has neither ideal of the color that there is in its interior.

The magician puts himself in front of the assistant Spectator and shows 8 other letters to the public commenting that he will do the impossible, the letters are taught to the public and it is seen that they are all equal to the one in the envelope, they are all Santa Claus with the red suit , it's impossible for the game to fail.

The cards are placed on the back and we choose a letter freely to the viewer, which does not see the rest of the public, very warmly say that the Santa Claus choose will be equal to the one inside the envelope ... It's impossible for the game to fail. 

We ask you to show it to the public, as this letter will be the same as the one inside the envelope.

But something happens ... it is a different letter, they are the Magi ... as can be possible ... without all the cards were Santa Claus with the red suit ... this is a problem between Santa Claus and the Magi ... 

The magician to get out of trouble says "... if the Magi are real magicians ... to do magic ..."

The Spectator is asked to show the letter inside the envelope and even if it seems impossible ... They are the Magi ... Christmas things 

Almost automatic of performs are delivered all necessary JUMBO size letters printed full color.

Watch David Ginn perform this trick with regular cards:

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